DIY-U Shouldn’t!

I was called to a property who complained of not having any hot water. They have a thermal store cylinder -:

A thermal store is an inversion of a typical cylinder where the water in the cylinder is heated, which through convection heats the mains pressured cold water going through a coil which comes out as the hot water we use to fill our baths etc –

The water in the cylinder is heated by an immersion heater (rather than a boiler). As soon as I took off the cover to the electrical components to the immersion heater, I knew immediately what had happened!

Immersion Stat Hell


It might be a fairly simple job for a DIY enthusiast to partake in, but if you don’t tighten your electrical contacts tight enough it creates too much heat and can set alight the appliance it’s serving.

There are on average 20,000 fires a year due to electrical faults like this one, injuring 2,469 per year and killing 46.

Do yourself a favour, get in a professional and save yourself from this plumbing from hell disaster!