Latest Update!

Hello there,

So you may notice that my last post was way back in June! Whoa. I know this is an exuberant amount of time in today’s fight to get as many things crammed into every minute of the day, but I’ve not been sat on my behind twiddling my thumbs I have you know.

Other than general life-ey things that get thrown at us which kick us in the stomach, I managed to join a plumbing & heating firm and tag along / assist out on jobs. Hurrah!!

So far I’ve been up on roofs removing boiler flue’s, installing boilers in the rain in outhouses, unblocking sinks, fixing toilets, replacing showerheads, doing gas safety checks, repairing taps, replacing radiator valves, balancing heating systems and other plumbing wonders.

Not only is this doing wonders for my confidence, I’m learning tons of stuff too. The engineer I’m working with asked me today if plumbing and heating is something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life and I was able to say yes with a huge smile on my face.