Nearly There!

Thanks to the lovely firm I work for who put me on the course to become Gas Safe, I’m just a few jobs shy of completing – hurrah!! I’ve passed all of my theory and practical exams and am now just completing my portfolio.

Gas Tightness Testing
Me, doing a gas tightness Test

There is so much to learn and remember but an absolutely necessary skill to have alongside plumbing.

On a side note, I recently watched a youtube video of a guy complaining about a British Gas engineer  who had attended his property to service his gas hob. He complained that the engineer appeared to do nothing at all and charged him £60 for it. Just read the comments below the video, I’m sure he regrets posting it now!

British Gas – Warning – Appliance Servicing – Absolute Scam

You don’t pay an engineer to see him (or her) break a sweat, you pay him to ensure your appliances are safe to use, his knowledge, experience and advice. We pay £1000’s for tools & courses, experience is priceless and that’s what you pay for.