Hourly Rate

Plumbing – £65
Heating/Gas – £78

Appliance Servicing

Boiler – £85
Gas Fire – £95

Powerflush (Heating System Clean)

£50 per radiator (minimum charge of £350)
Price includes chemicals

Gas Safety Certificate

Landlord gas safety certificate – £80
Up to 3 appliances – £10 per additional appliance

Pipe Freezing

£35 per use of electric freezer unit

Quotes available upon request.

All prices exclude materials and parts, unless stated they are included.
All work, including parts supplied by Tap & Hammer, are guaranteed for 12 months.
Minimum hourly charge is 1 hour, 30 minute increments thereafter.
All diagnostic work (i.e leak detection, heating/boiler issues) is charged at standard hourly rate.